5 S’s in Wine

Wine TastingHave you ever wondered why you see people swirling and smelling their glass of wine? There’s a reason for that. There are 5 S’s in wine. And no, I’m not talking about the way it’s spelled. When evaluating wine, there are 5 things you should keep in mind. Each step is crucial to evaluating your wine. The 5 steps are sight, swirl, smell, sip, and savor. Let’s break down each area, shall we? Continue reading


The Intimidating Face of Wine

photo-1422748733255-ee572fddeab0First off, let’s acknowledge that wine can sometimes be intimidating. It’s interesting how one thing can have a variety of meanings for people. Take wine for example. For some, it’s simply just an alcoholic drink to be shared with friends. Others see it as a specialized product to be collected. And then there are those who see it as a beverage to be enjoyed with certain meals. Continue reading