The Intimidating Face of Wine

photo-1422748733255-ee572fddeab0First off, let’s acknowledge that wine can sometimes be intimidating. It’s interesting how one thing can have a variety of meanings for people. Take wine for example. For some, it’s simply just an alcoholic drink to be shared with friends. Others see it as a specialized product to be collected. And then there are those who see it as a beverage to be enjoyed with certain meals. Nevertheless, one thing is for certain, wine is just fermented grape juice.

So, why is wine such an intimidating area for some people? Most people, including myself, really have no clue when walking down the wine aisle. And a majority don’t take that extra effort in getting through a restaurant’s wine list.

I can help with that!

Keep up and keep on reading my blogs and we can slowly learn together. Wine doesn’t have to be intimidating. As long as you know the basics, it’s all good.