Grape Varietals Pt. 3

varietals3(Continued..) In the world of winemaking, there are only a few vines that grow the right grape to make wine. About 90% of wines are made from a vine called vitis vinifera. However, within vitis vinifera, there are thousands of varieties of grapes. I’ll introduce you to the major varietals: 20 to be exact.

9. Merlot- Pronounced as (MEHR-loh) This varietal originates from the Bordeaux region of France. This grape is an early riper making it an ideal grape to blend with other varietals. Again, this varietal is very popular in California and the Pacific Northwest region of the United States.

10. Muscat Blanc- Pronounced as (MUHS-kat BLAHN) This varietal is intensely fruity and floral. Because of this, it can be made into a fruity, light-bodied wine to a sweet dessert wine. Muscat Blanc grows well in dry, warm areas.

11. Petite Sirah- Pronounced as (puh-TEET sih-RAH) This varietal produces a full-bodied wine containing aromas similar to that of plums. Although it originated in France, it has found popularity among Northern California.

12.Pinot Blanc- Pronounced as (PEE-noh BLAHN) This varietal is also known as Pinot Bianco (PEE-no B’YAHN-koh) It has flavors similar to Chardonnay, but it is grown in a more delicate way vs Chardonnay which can be grown almost anywhere.