Grape Varietals Pt. 4

varietals4(Continued..) In the world of winemaking, there are only a few vines that grow the right grape to make wine. About 90% of wines are made from a vine called vitis vinifera. However, within vitis vinifera, there are thousands of varieties of grapes. I’ll introduce you to the major varietals: 20 to be exact.

13. Pinot Grigio- Pronounced as (PEE-noh GREE-zjoh) This varietal is also as Pinot Gris (PEE-noh GREE) It is an early season ripener and is normally grown in Alsace and northern Italy. In America, Pinot Grigio has become a lot more popular in the recent years.

14. Pinot Noir- Pronounced as (PEE-noh N’WAHR) This varietal is a primary grape of Burgundy. This grape does exceptionally well in California because of the climate conditions. The problem with this grape is very delicate. If gone wrong, the color and flavoring can become quite troublesome.

15. Riesling- Pronounced as (REEZ-leeng) This varietal produces a white wine. This grape is most commonly grown in Germany and therefore takes on very similar characteristics of gewürztraminer.

16. Sangiovese- Pronounced as (san-JEE-yoh-VAY-say) This varietal is a classic in Italy. More specifically, it is a classic grape in Tuscany, Italy. Normally, it produces a very tart wine. Although a classic in Italy, it is also grown in California and Australia.