Wine of the Week: Pinot Noir

pinot-noirI’m going to try this new thing where I introduce a “wine of the week”. Bear in mind, I’m not a sommelier or a person who studies viticulture and enology. However, I’ll share what I can. I’m still learning too, remember? The wine we look at for this week is a Pinot Noir from my home state, California. 

  1. Vintage- 2013
  2. Producer- Brassfield
  3. Varietal- Pinot Noir
  4. Region- Lake County
    1. Sub Region- High Valley Appellation
    2. Country- U.S.A

Using the 5 S’s in evaluating wine, (I wrote about that too. Read more here if you didn’t catch it) here is what I’ve gathered about this Pinot Noir. In the glass, it appears to have a magenta color with a medium viscosity. After swirling and smelling the glass, I’ve gathered that it does not have a very fruit aroma. In fact, after tasting, I found it has more of a pepper and oak tones to it. This is definitely a dry wine, medium acidity, and has a high alcohol percentage of 14.5. Definitely a bottle form the new world.

A bottle like this, in my opinion, would pair well with a dish that is chargrilled. Maybe a chargrilled salmon or chicken? Retail price for one bottle is about $18.