Make America Grape Again


Did you know that each and every state in the United States bottles their own wine? Yes, all 50 states. However, it doesn’t mean that each winery is successful. Out of all 50 states, there are 4 states that make up the majority of winemaking in the United States–about 95% to be exact. Here are the top 4 states:

No. 4 – Oregon

Ah Oregon. The state that coined the term “Farm to Table” and made it a “thing” in the city of Portland (but really it’s been a “thing” all over the world since who knows when). Well, aside from the farm to table trend, Oregon has remained in the top 4 for winemaking in the United States. A few well-known wine regions in Oregon are: Willamette Valley, Southern Oregon, Columbia Gorge, Columbia Valley, and Snake River Valley.

No. 3 – New York

Surprised? When people think of New York, they think “The Big Apple”, “the city that never sleeps”, or “the concrete jungle where dreams are made of”. And rightly so. But New York is much more than Manhattan.

No. 2 – Washington

The number 2 spot goes to Washington! Side track: I think the Pacific Northwest is absolutely gorgeous. A drive from Portland to Seattle is breathtaking. Ok, let’s get back on track. Not only is Seattle known for coffee and beer, but they also do pretty well in the winemaking industry. Some of the best regions in this state are: Rattlesnake Hills, Red Mountain, Snipes Mountain, Yakima Valley, Wahluke Slope, and Walla Walla Valley.

….aaand the top spot goes to…

No. 1 – California

But are you really that surprised? Come on. California’s got Napa Valley, Sonoma Valley, and some darn good soil and climate for those grapes. Back in the day, Robert Mondavi started to build his wine empire from the ground up. In my opinion, he was a significant contributor to putting California on the wine map. Today, some of the best wine is made in California — some of these wines are even comparable to the wines of Burgundy and Bordeaux.