Wine of the Week: Burgundy

dvibc9l5dhg-emanuel-feruziThis week’s wine is particularly awesome because we are diving into Burgundy. Here’s why this is important. When people think of wine, France is one of the first countries to come up. When people think of France, the two most famous wine regions of the country is Bordeaux (the famous left and right bank of Bordeaux) and the other wine region is Burgundy. Let’s get started, shall we?

  1. Vintage- 2013
  2. Producer- Loius Latour
  3. Varietal- Pinot Noir
  4. Region- Burgundy
    1. Sub Region- n/a
    2. Country- France

At first glance, this wine has 2 different color hues on it. Around the edges, I see a red brick color, whereas the middle has more of a red-orange color. From swirling my glass, I can see that has a medium-minus viscosity.

Mmm! This wine has some good aromas to it. As far as fruit aromas, I smell a bit of cherries, plums, and cranberries. The conditions of these fruits seem to be both underripe and dried. To balance out the fruity aromas, the winemaker added non-fruit characteristics to it. I smell a bit of herbal spice and pepper.

On the palate, the acidity is at about a medium to medium plus. This wine is not at all sweet. In fact, it’s quite dry (which I don’t know about you, but I love dry!) The alcohol content is at 13.0%.

As far as food pairings, this wine would complement lighter meats. For example, you could go for a nicely seasoned veal, chicken, or even duck.

Overall, this wine has a good, lingering finish. I like this wine a lot because there’s a lot going on with it. I tasted the fruity notes first, but then the herbal spices and pepper made itself apparent. This wine is made in France, but does specifically well in the U.S. — Burgundy wines are marketed very well.