In This Case, New is Always Recommended

oc5ngvn3foo-guillermo-nolascoWhen trying to get familiar with wine, the best advice is to try a new bottle each time you order a glass or go wine-shopping at the the market. I, myself, didn’t start to get familiar with wine until not too long ago. However, it makes a difference when you really start to explore wines and wine regions that you may not have ever tried, have ever heard of, or one that you can’t even pronounce. Because trust me, I’ve been there.  Continue reading


Wine of the Week: Merlot/Cabernet Franc

ghfkrvlxk8c-jez-timmsThis week’s wine is particularly special because it’s an older, aged bottle. Aging wine can get tricky because there is a specific process to aging them. First, you must know the wine well so that you exactly how long to age it. Second, you must turn the bottle every once in awhile to prevent the sediments from collecting in one spot for too long. This wine was aged just right. Let’s get started: Continue reading

Wine of the Week: Riesling

eo9znteuh_y-thomas-martinsenI usually prefer reds, but this riesling makes me want to turn down any red for a bottle of a crsip, fresh white. A lot of the wines I’ve shared with you all are from France. I promise I didn’t do that on purpose, but it just happened to be that my favorites from my weekly evalutions (“experiments”) have been from France. This riesling is no exception. Continue reading

Wine of the Week: Burgundy

dvibc9l5dhg-emanuel-feruziThis week’s wine is particularly awesome because we are diving into Burgundy. Here’s why this is important. When people think of wine, France is one of the first countries to come up. When people think of France, the two most famous wine regions of the country is Bordeaux (the famous left and right bank of Bordeaux) and the other wine region is Burgundy. Let’s get started, shall we? Continue reading

Make America Grape Again


Did you know that each and every state in the United States bottles their own wine? Yes, all 50 states. However, it doesn’t mean that each winery is successful. Out of all 50 states, there are 4 states that make up the majority of winemaking in the United States–about 95% to be exact. Here are the top 4 states: Continue reading

Grape Varietals Pt. 5

varietals5(Continued..) In the world of winemaking, there are only a few vines that grow the right grape to make wine. About 90% of wines are made from a vine called vitis vinifera. However, within vitis vinifera, there are thousands of varieties of grapes. I’ll introduce you to the major varietals: 20 to be exact.  Continue reading

Wine of the Week: Pinot Noir

pinot-noirI’m going to try this new thing where I introduce a “wine of the week”. Bear in mind, I’m not a sommelier or a person who studies viticulture and enology. However, I’ll share what I can. I’m still learning too, remember? The wine we look at for this week is a Pinot Noir from my home state, California.  Continue reading