Regale Winery, Santa Cruz Mountains

DCIM100GOPROGOPR0200.It was a real treat to visit Regale Winery up in the Santa Cruz Mountains. I’m lucky because I live in an area where wineries are literally just a short drive away. Regale, in particular, was about a 30 minute drive from me. My first impression of the place was how beautiful the location was.  Continue reading


Wine of the Week: Merlot

gogw9vatm-q-oscar-soderlundIt’s really fun trying out a new wine a week. I’ll be honest with you guys though, I try out more than one wine a week. I like to think of it as experimenting — a really fun experiment. This week’s wine is a merlot. Merlot is common from the Bordeaux region of France. Sometimes merlot is made into a wine on its own, but other times, it is used as a blender with cabernet sauvignon. Today’s merlot is pure merlot. Continue reading

Wine of the Week: Pinot Noir

pinot-noirI’m going to try this new thing where I introduce a “wine of the week”. Bear in mind, I’m not a sommelier or a person who studies viticulture and enology. However, I’ll share what I can. I’m still learning too, remember? The wine we look at for this week is a Pinot Noir from my home state, California.  Continue reading

New World

Vineyard in CaliforniaWhen it comes down to it, wine is produced in two major areas of the world. The old world and the new world. These two places have their similarities, but they also have many differences. Once you get to know these differences, blind-tasting a flight of wine can become much easier. Here, I’m going to talk a little bit about the New World. The countries considered as “New World” wine countries are: the United States, Canada, Chile, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand, and many more. Continue reading


Cheers to Good CompanySimilar to “thank you”, there are many ways of saying “cheers”. This past summer, I had to opportunity to visit multiple countries throughout Europe and one thing I learned was how to say “cheers” in different languages. The people I met were so interesting and although we were all very different in many ways, one thing remained the same: alcohol brought us together. Continue reading