Make America Grape Again


Did you know that each and every state in the United States bottles their own wine? Yes, all 50 states. However, it doesn’t mean that each winery is successful. Out of all 50 states, there are 4 states that make up the majority of winemaking in the United States–about 95% to be exact. Here are the top 4 states: Continue reading


Wine of the Week: Merlot

gogw9vatm-q-oscar-soderlundIt’s really fun trying out a new wine a week. I’ll be honest with you guys though, I try out more than one wine a week. I like to think of it as experimenting — a really fun experiment. This week’s wine is a merlot. Merlot is common from the Bordeaux region of France. Sometimes merlot is made into a wine on its own, but other times, it is used as a blender with cabernet sauvignon. Today’s merlot is pure merlot. Continue reading